While it is very important for your website to look good, it is even more important that it works and performs well. For this reason, we leave website design to others and focus on the internal workings of your site to ensure that it is attracting visitors and has a high conversion rate.

We start by looking at the big picture. We analyze your site’s load speed and content and help you make changes that will make your site easier to find and more appealing. We then take care of small SEO details using HTML code to boost your site’s standing for carefully chosen keywords.

The Big Picture

Your site is like your storefront, giving online visitors their first impression of what your business is like. However, studies have clearly shown that people will wait only a few seconds for the site to load; if it fails to load in this time, your customers will go elsewhere.

We check your site for problems that are causing it to load slowly. These tests are run not only on computer but also using mobile phone devices to ensure that your site is fully optimized for all internet users. We remove bad code, unnecessary flash images and other features that are slowing your load time.

We then go over your content to ensure that it is appealing to potential customers and optimized for search engines. These two important priorities go hand in hand, as content that is solely created for search engines tends to have a high bounce rate. This tells Google that people do not find your site helpful and can lower your search engine rankings over time.

We help you identify keywords that are just right for your business. These tend to be (but are not always) long-tail keywords that get a decent amount of search engine traffic but do not have a lot of competition. We ensure these keywords are added to your site content without being overused. We then check the overall content to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

We repeat the above mentioned processes on a regular basis. As the needs of your customers inevitably change, we change with them to ensure that your site always appeals to your target audience. We test various keywords on targeted landing pages to see which ones have the highest conversion rate. We also help you create new landing pages as needed to make it easy for you to promote new products and/or services.

Down to the Details

It is often small SEO changes that can make a big difference on your site. We specialize in coding and work with your site’s HTML code to ensure that Google knows exactly what you do. This ensures proper Google placement for keywords related to your business.

We optimize title tags, heading tags and the site’s Meta description. We handle site map xml, robots txt, canonical URLs and do both image and video optimization, to name a few. When we are done with your site, every aspect of it will be fully optimized. You will be surprised to find just how many new avenues we can create on your site to bring in visitors and customers.

When everything is done, we look at your site’s mapping and navigation. We check for broken links, unfinished pages and other problems that can slow your site’s load time and cause Google to lower your search rankings. We fix (or delete) links that point to pages that no longer exist, ensure your internal links use keyword related anchor text (but do not overuse it) and more. When we are done with your site, it will be easy for Google to determine what it is about and how it should be placed. It will also be easy for your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, thus reducing your site’s bounce rate and further boosting your Google search engine ranking.

Every single site that we optimize appeals both to Google and potential customers. Our clients also see a steady rise in both search engine traffic and sales. Allowing us to optimize your website will make a tangible, measurable difference to your business.

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