Press releases have been around for decades yet are still just as effective as ever in reaching a target audience with what you have to offer. While styles, trends and marketing fads come and go, press releases are here to stay. Following are some reasons why writing and disseminating press releases is such a good SEO tactic.

1. They give you an excuse to get in touch with consumers and let them know about your new products, services, discounts, etc.

2. They provide top quality content that will be distributed by feed services and a variety of related websites. Sites that would not be interested in publishing your guest posts will be more than happy to publish a well written, authoritative press release.

3. Press releases can have a great impact not only online but also offline. If your press release is engaging and well written, it will be picked up by news sites on and off the internet. Internet-based news sites that pick up your press release will give you a valuable link that is worth more than a link from almost any other type of site. Printed newspapers and magazines that pick up your press release publicize your name and business to those who would not find you on the internet.

Press releases cannot take the place of other forms of content creation but are an invaluable addition to any SEO marketing plan. Our team has a great deal of experience with both creating and disseminating press releases. We start by analyzing what you want to promote and explaining it in a clear, engaging manner. We keep it simple and to the point so that people will not tire of reading what you have to say. We also use targeted keywords so that Google will give it a high ranking for topics relevant to your business. If further research needs to be done to back up what you are saying, we do the footwork and include links to authoritative, industry-related websites (but not competitors). This shows Google that you are an authority in your field who is not just out to promote yourself but also offer readers content of value.

We then make sure that your press release is publicized via all possible avenues so that it gets as much coverage as possible. If you run a small, local business, we take care to use local SEO so that customers in your city and state can find out about your business easily. If you target a national or international audience, we tailor the publication of your press release so that it reaches your target audience at just the right time.

Writing successful press releases and then publishing them in a successful manner is an affordable yet highly effective way to reach your target audience. What is more, it can also boost your site’s standing on Google by showing that you an authority in your field and enabling you to obtain links from related websites that already have a high Google placement. We at San Antonio SEO put a great deal of time and research into every single press release we write. We pay attention to the big picture (i.e. the wording of the release) while also giving proper priority to small yet important details such as outbound links, anchor text and keyword placement and density. Working with us ensures that your efforts to reach your audience in this way will be successful.

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