Local search is not just a popular trend; it is something that can benefit both you and other businesses in your community. When people buy local, they give back to the community, enabling it to thrive. You can help them do that by optimizing your site for local searches.

Local searches account for over a quarter of all internet searches. Most people who need something want to buy it from a business near their home. Given this fact, we put a high priority on ensuring that all our clients’ websites are fully optimized for local search queries. This includes both local on-page SEO and local off-page SEO.

The first thing we will help you do is create a fully optimized Google Places account. We choose keywords for your business with great care and then use them in your Google Place description. This helps Google understand what you do and display your business prominently for related searches. We can also monitor your Google Places account on an ongoing basis and tweak it to ensure that you remain at the top.

At the same time, Google is by no means the only site we work with. We also ensure that your business is listed on Yelp, City Search, Merchant Circle, Best of the Web, YellowPages.com and relevant local directories. If you have positive reviews that can be placed on any of these sites, we ensure they are placed there. We make sure your business is listed in the right category for every single one of these sites so that it gets maximum traffic. Once again, we monitor all of the above mentioned sites to keep track of any activity that would impact your business, its reputation and its standing.

We also optimize your website for local searches by ensuring that your address and phone number are prominently displayed. In many cases, we will also include the name of your city or state as part of one or more of your targeted keywords to ensure that you get high rankings from searches in your local area. If you work with us to obtain regular content for your blog and website, we will research local trends and make sure that your content appeals not only to your market at large but also to local buyers. No matter where you live or what you do, we ensure that the people in your immediate vicinity know who you are and view your business in a positive light.

Other local SEO related tasks that we handle include listing your business address with Google Maps and Apple Maps. When local customers find you online, they need to know how to locate you in the real world, especially if you run a business that sells goods and/or services offline. We also make it easy for people to get in touch with you by posting a map of your location on your website itself.

While we do not specialize in social media marketing, we can give you advice on targeted keyword usage to ensure that you are reaching a local demographic with your posts. We can optimize the images and videos that you put up on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other sites to ensure that your community knows how and where to find you at all times and is aware of special deals and discounts that you may be offering.

No matter who you are or what you are selling, San Antonio SEO can help you reach more people in a more effective and targeted manner. Our local SEO strategies are effective in drawing clients in your city and state to your business.

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