Popularity is not just important to vain high school students who are trying to get more likes than their peers. It is also important to Google and has a large bearing on how it ranks your website. If the right sites link to yours, then Google will raise your page rank. If you have few links, no links or the wrong links, your rank will most likely remain the same or even decrease over time.

Link building on Google has gotten a bad rap over the last couple of years. It has been misused by tens of millions of websites and Google has cracked down not only on these sites but also on many legitimate sites that attempt to build links in order to boost site ranking. However, this does not mean that link building is dead or a toxic SEO method. In fact, it is still as valid as ever and an integral part of any SEO plan, as Google counts each link as a “vote of confidence” in your website. You just need to know how to build links the right way.

How San Antonio SEO Link Building Works

Our team of geeks has a lot of experience with link building. We work steadily, carefully and effectively to ensure that your link profile is clean but powerful. Following is an overview of how we do it.

To start with, we take the time to understand not only what you have to offer but also who you are trying to reach. We then identify high ranking sites and blogs that are related to your industry and help you build links on these sites. We use guest posting, press releases and other methods to get top quality, related, authoritative sites to link back to you.

There is more to it than that. We also take pains to choose just the right anchor text for every single possible link. We want Google to associate the link with who you are and what you do; at the same time, we know that it is important for the link to look natural. For this reason, we rotate anchor text so that links pointing back to your site do not all use the same stock phrase.

Another cool aspect of our link building plan is that we ensure that it looks completely organic. What does this mean? Well, Google wants you to be popular but it does not want you to promote yourself. Sites that promote themselves and make the effort to build links are often penalized for unnatural link building. Given this fact, we make sure that your link building efforts are done in a natural looking way so that Google gets the impression that others are building you up rather than you doing so yourself.

To ensure that our link building efforts look completely organic, we vary the type of sites that we build links to. We help you obtain links from social media sites, blogs, forums, industry sites and other sites to ensure that you have a varied link profile. We also take it slowly — we understand that your site is not a flash in the pan but rather an established business that needs to grow not just now but ten, twenty and even more years into the future. Our link building efforts are steady but sure and while this means that you will not see a huge difference in your statistics a month or two from now, it does mean that your site will steadily rise in Google’s rankings and you will see a steady increase in site visits and customers.

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