Because we can only take on a single business for any given industry, we choose our clients with care. While we would love to offer our services to every single interested business, we simply cannot do so and maintain the high standard of quality and effective service that we pride ourselves in offering.

Before you fill out the contact form below, take a moment to check out our criteria:

1. Your business is active and at least fairly healthy (i.e. not facing bankruptcy proceedings or operating in the red)

2. Your business is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme and does not offer adult themed material.

3. You have at least a limited presence in the market. We don’t expect you to be the best on the block (after all, that is why you are hiring us) but we do want to know that you are at least heading in the right direction, albeit at a slow pace. Please note that we do not work with start-ups.

4. You have a good product and a good reputation. Once again, we do not expect you to have a five star average review rating. We simply do not want to work with companies that are known for selling sub-par goods and services and/or are facing legal proceedings as a result of shady business dealings.

That’s it! If you meet the above stipulations, we would love to hear from you via the contact form below!


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